"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you..." (Matthew 28:19-20)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day was the greatest!


It was so great to see you all yesterday! I can't believe how old you are all getting! Especially Jared... wow! I sure love you all. It was also great to make it in for the end of Sister Garlick's skype home. I was able to see the other Garlick family and Grandpa!

What a great mother's day! I was able to play the piano for the choir, who sang "Each life that touches ours for good". It was great to think about you, mom, and how you have touched my life so much for good. And I was able to use my talents at the piano yesterday to say thanks for all that! The Primary kids sang "I often go walking" and the one about having the greatest grandma in the whole wide world! I do have the greatest mother and grandmothers in the whole wide world! I felt the love of Grandma Garlick, especially, as I remembered singing " I often go walking" at her funeral. She is here with us, I could feel her love especially yesterday. There war some real pretty flowers all along the streets and houses here, and it reminded me of planting flowers with Grandma Blake! We pulled weeds with Sister McPherson the other day, and it was great to remember the good times with both my grandmothers!

There has been some great things going on as of late! We have been going through our phones the last few days, organizing and deleting and figuring out who all these people are. We have two phones with the same numbers, so I started at z and went up through the alphabet, calling those we didn't know, and asking how they met the missionaries and if they wanted to learn more. There were a ton of people who did! We met with Mattias, Stephanie came to institute, and we are meeting with more today and tomorrow and setting up more appointments. Who would have known that all these great people with interest in the gospel were just sitting there in the phone! But then there were some numbers that were pretty funny to call... I called one, and the older man answered with the most American accent ever... I gave my spiel of being new in Dortmund and wanting to know if he had interest to meet with us. He was a senior couple missionary in the Berlin Mission Office! It was great! And we laughed :-) He said he would say hi to Elder Bangerter for me next time he saw him! I guess I should have used my context clues a bit more to figure out who I was talking to! Fun times.

So at the McPhersons's house, we, the sisters, and the Elders out of Unna came throughout the afternoon for Skype. It was way fun to be there, have lunch, and Br. McPherson taught us a real neat dominoes game, and Elder Walker taught us a great dice game. Elder McPherson reminds me so much of Grandpa Garlick- he had a bucket of vanilla pudding and was walking around the table offering it to us all :-) 

I can't remember what all I explained on the phone to yous, but I think that was all I didn't tall yet! 
Keep up those smiles! love you lots!


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