"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you..." (Matthew 28:19-20)

Monday, June 18, 2012


Liebe Familie und Freunde:

Summer is here! It is such a great time of year in Germany. It is so green and warm... today is hot, but beautiful! This last week was a whirlwind! Last last week, Elder Walker woke up in the night with some bad tooth pain, so we went to a dentist. He had a bad infection in his tooth from a root canal. They cleaned it out, and suggested that he get it removed. We went to Frankfurt on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week for Zone Leader training, and we went to the destist early. The dentist said they could save the tooth, but Elder Walker really felt they should just yank it out. So we went back on Wednesday, and when the dentist pulled out the tooth, they realised that the infection was a lot worse than was shown on the x-ray or they could see. It was really good that he got that tooth pulled when we did, so the infection didn't spread. Don't worry... I still have all my teeth :-) It was interesting to think and talk about this experience, that sometimes in life, there is a little bacteria that sits and festers (sin or bad habits)... and when we feel the pain, we can clean it out (repent), but sometimes, if we don`t pull out the tooth, we can never clean out the infection. And who knows, it may be doing more harm than we think. So it was a good lesson in pulling out spiritual teeth.

On Friday, we had Zone Conference. It was fun to see other missionaries, especially Elder Crosby and some others I have been in districts with. We all sang the mission song, and that was a great feeling to play the grand piano with all the missionaries singing. We talked to the missionareis about having a vision and direction for the work. Several companionships are working super hard all day, every day, but not seeing any success... We hid plastic cups around the room, and labeled them as new investigators from the university, from a service project, part-member family, ect. then we said for them to go find the people and build the kingdom... ie. build a plastic cup pyramid. It was exciting to see! They were building the great pyramids- the Kingdom of God in Dortmund and Düsseldorf- but then the opposition comes... rubber bands flying in from all directions... and the pyramid crashed down. "Whose investigators were these? who is responsible for the kingdom here in Dortmund and Düsseldrof areas? protect your kingdoms!" So they started thinking and staked the cups, used rubber bands to latch them together... and when the fiery darts of the adversary came, they could not fall! It was a great beginning to the time we spent as companionships to think about our areas and what we need to do to support and fortify our part of the Lord's kingdom.

Then Sunday happened... mercy! So At church, Fabian came. He is the friend of one of the sisters' investigators. He loves the church, but speaks no english and only a little german. After sacrament meeting, there was another african member of the ward. We asked him to come over and it so happens, that these two come from the same area of Togo and speak the same cultural language! We will all be meeting tonight at FHE. The Lord is the best organiser of this work- putting people here, people there, all so their paths can cross and experience the gospel in their own tongue. Then we went to the Petzold's house that evening. She is completely back and excited about the gospel! We were talking with her and her husband about the Gospel of Christ and how Faith leads to repentance which leads to baptism which leads to the gift of the holy ghost. She left for a minute and came back in for the baptism part. She interrupted and said "Baptism, what do you think, do you want to be baptised?" He thought, and said he had received an answer that the Book of Mormon was true, and he couldn`t see any reason not to be baptised. So he said yes, he wants to be baptised! His wife pulls out the calendar, and said, well, your work schedule is such that this coming weekend is the only time that works! So we will be planning a baptism for this Saturday! It was so exciting! He truly has made som great changes in his life, and this decision will bless their family forever. It has been such a great blessing to have met them and be with them on their learning and re-learning about the gospel. One of their daughters is 8, so we look forward for the next few weeks when her dad will be able to baptise her.

And that`s the week in a nutshell... isn't this work the greatest?! I learn so much every day. Recently, I have learned that Ether 12:27 is absolutely true... the closer I come to Christ, the more He shows me my weaknesses, and makes me humble. I can choose to make these humble weaknesses strong, or to remain weak and vulnerable to Satan. It's my choice.

I know God is there and hears my prayers.
Ich habe ein festes Zeugnis davon, dass God da ist, und meine Gebete erhört. Er kennt mich persönlich und möchte, dass ich meine Potentialle reichen. Ich weiß, dass Jesus der Christus ist, und dass sein Sühnopfer funktioniert.

Alles Gute! Ich hab' euch lieb!

Monday, June 11, 2012

G'day Mate!

Familie und Freunde:

So imagine walking into the chapel at church, and seeing more people that you don't know than you do know... and you have been in the ward for 7 weeks! That was what happened yesterday... the chapel was full of new faces and new people! The William Family, The Emeka Family, The Petzold Family, and several others came to church yesterday, most for the first time. 15 wonderful new faces at church, and the members were so excited! And there were a lot more excited kids running around, too! That's what this is all about- families coming to the gosepl. Elder Walker and I were talking to the sisters after church, and were just amazed that we really didn't do anything, and all these miracles are happeneing.

The biggest miracle of the week was with the Petzold family. We went over on Tuesday and Thursday night. On Tuesday, we had a good discussion about the plan of salvation and talked about finding out for ourselves if the gospel is true- tasting salt or feeling water to really know how it feels. He was real interested and excited to give it a try. On Thursday, we came over and there were some real noticeable changes in this family- the house was cleaner, the prayers at dinner weren't memorized, but from the heart, and then he told us one of the biggest changes. He was sitting out in the garden on Wednesday evening with two beer bottles. He had one and looked at it and thought "what am I doing?" and dumped it out on the grass! Then he opened up the other one, and dupmped it out on the grass, too! Then he came inside to the refigerator and took all the beer and alchohol out and dumped that out, too! He said he read through D&C 89 and just knew it was the thing to do... we hadn't even talked about the word of wisdom yet with him! So now there is a lot more room in their fridge, and a lot more room for the spirit to come and bless their family. ON the way home, Sister Petzold was telling us that it is super important that we meet very often and teach all the lessons, so that Benjamin can make a dicision to be baptized or not, because that would affect the daughters and their whole family, too. So the wife is extending the baptism commitments, he is dumping out the beer bottles, and the girls are memorizing the primary songs and singing them all around! That is conversion- changing from the inside out, and not being told to do so! What a great family! We look forward to the coming weeks with him preparing for baptism... and Sister Petzold will be teaching Relief Society next week, and has been calling the sisters and getting ready and excited! I love it!

I have learned a lot this last week of being on a team, being a team player. Elder Walker and I have been playing Aussie Football in the mornings, and he has explained the rules and positions and all that. I think it's my new favorite sport... yup, it is! To be honest, it makes American Football look like cheerleading... :-) Anyway, he was telling me about some games he played where the unity of the players and the way they worked together was just perfect and they enjoyed playing so much, that it didn't even matter that they got pounded by the other team- they played well together and loved every minute. I read this morning in 1 Corinthians 12 about the body of Christ, and how each person is important and adds a necessary part to the work of the Lord. Just like our body, we need our eyes and hands, and toe nails and lungs... each performing their own function, and none being useful at all on their own. So it is in life. No one can make it alone, and it isn't much fun. Just like with the football team needs all 18 players on the field to be successfull, each performing their purpose and role, so does the Lord need each of us to "lift where we stand", as President Uchtdorf said, to magnify our callings, and add to the whole "body of Christ". That has been something I have really been working on lately. During school and all, I never liked group work. I would rather do a project or a paper on my own... because then I know how it is done, and I know I will do it the way I want. But I have been working to change that a lot recetly. I can't do any of this work on my own... none of us can. The Priesthood is here to bless others. Missionary work is about inviting others to come unto Christ. The Atonement itself is to allow our own conversion, and then we are to strengthen our bretheren after. I am learning about how the church works as a team, not as individuals. It has been a real neat expereince.

I love this time I have to serve the Lord. Time goes by so fast! Many great missionaries are going home in the next few months that I have come to admire and love- and life goes on! But there is work to do- there is work to do!! Let's get to work!

Love you all!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Germany Frankfurt Mission Song

Nate had the privilege of writing the music and lyrics for the mission song:

Staying in Dortmond!

Just thought I would switch things up and email at the end of the day... we missed our bus going home, so we thought we would make up the email time now :-)

As you can probably assume, life is busy and so much fun! I don't even know where to really start. Sorry for not writing a real email last week. The work is going forth with power! Last week, we were able to go to the university class and talk about our missions and the church. The class had 6 students and the teacher is getting her Ph.D in American Culture and Mormonism... so this whole semester, the class has been studying the Book of Mormon with the seminary manuals, they have been coming to church meetings for assignments, and we came to the class to answer questions. It was a real neat experience. My testimony was strengthened the most in the fact that because these are spiritual truths we are talking about, we must find the answers through the spirit. I felt these students were studying the Book of Mormon and the Church as a textbook and from an academic standpoint- and because of that, they had many qustions and confusing understanding of our beliefs and reasons for what we do. I was glad I could bear testimony that I am totally comfortable and fine with not knowing the answer to everything about the earth, humanity, and the universe; but I am confident in that which I do know, which is that God lives. He is our Father and is an actual Being who knows me and wants me to reach my potential in life. I find comfort in knowing that if I trust in Him, with Faith in His Son and His Gospel, all will be well... and who knows, maybe some day I will know how the earth was created or the explanaition to how humans behave, etc... but honestly, I don't need to know. I know enough, and that's what counts. It was really great to go as a team of 4 missionaries to the class, each with such different backgrounds in life and the church. We really felt the spirit, and I know that those students felt something different than their other classes before. Not because of what we did, but because of the spirit.

I sure love you all. The work is going forth! Thanks for your prayers and support. I wish I could write all that I am feeling and experiencing. Today we experienced a lot of rain.. and kangaroos. We went to the Zoo for PDAy with the Zone. I love having Elder Walker as a companion. He's been teaching me some Aussie words and Aussie rules football. WE have experienced some great vision for the Zone and how we can help the missionaries in this coming cycle. Transfer calls were Saturday, and all four of us are staying in Dortmund! President called, and nearly gave us a heart attack... he said "Elders, you know it is transfer week, please put it on speakerphone. Elders, I know how much you wanted to stay together this cycle. Elder Garlick, I will give you one last chance. If the Mission Song recording is on my desk by Wednesday, you can stay in Dortmund with Elder Walker." We emailed him the song that afternoon :-) I love President SChwartz! He is such a great example of priesthood leadership and allowing others to use their agency.

I know this work is true

love yall!
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Elder Nathan D. Garlick
German Frankfurt Mission
"Shall we not go on in so great a cause?" D&C 128:22